ENOTEC, one of the world’s leading suppliers of InSitu combustion instrumentation, guarantees fast and reliable measurement, also under adverse flue gas conditions as aggressive flue gas with a high dust loading or in hazardous explosive atmospheres.

Development and Innovation
The OXITEC® analysis system, developed by ENOTEC and used throughout the world, is a continuous advancement of the oxygen analyser developed by the company Westinghouse in the70’s (model 218). Thousands of measuring systems of this series are today in operation in power stations and combustion and process plants of all kinds. Despite its roots in the Seventies, our advancement of the zirconium oxide measuring technique is today as current as always.

Only the special gold soldering technique, developed by ENOTEC, guarantees a durable gas-tight measuring cell. Probe material and design of the OXITEC® analysing system make a long lasting, problem-free operation of the analyser possible, even under the most adverse conditions. By the use of InSitu measurement (measurement direct in the flue gas, without extraction, sample conditioning etc.) the OXITEC® analysing system is nearly maintenance-free, and also where response rate is concerned, the OXITEC® analysers outclass any extractive measurement.

In the year 2003 ENOTEC launched the COMTEC® 6000 analysis system for the measurement of O2 (oxygen) and COe (combustibles), which is the world-wide first reliable InSitu measurement of combustibles. COMTEC® 6000 permits a still more exact burner regulation and a still faster fault diagnosis of the quality of combustion. Thus a clear reduction of costs by increased accuracy of measurement, energy saving and emission reduction is possible, so that initial capital costs are paid back in a very short time.

Also in the year 2003 ENOTEC launched CEMTEC®, an analysis system for a particularly difficult application. The extremely high dust load during the production of cement resulted so far, in a short life for each analysing system installed. But the high dust resistance of the COMTEC® 6000, combined with a continuous mechanical and pneumatic cleaning of the probe, permits the cement manufacturers for the first time, maintenance-free intervals of several months for the O2 and COe measuring equipment.

A Solution for all Analysing Problems
However ENOTEC is not only limited to the development and production of its own analysis systems. For over 25 years we have made ourselves a world-wide name with planning and execution of emission and process measuring technology. ENOTEC is your competent partner for complete emission and process analyser systems ranging from a single probe of our own production, to the individually designed system, consisting of our own analysers together with O.E.M. products, through to turnkey emission and process projects.

From our experience over more than 25 years and through continuous further training, our engineers and technicians can advise you expertly and reliably with all questions of analysis technology.

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