Fiessler Elektronik

Fiessler ElektronikIn 1956 qualified engineer H. W. Fiessler founded the Fiessler Elektronik company in Esslingen, Germany, with the aim to produce opto-electronic appliances.
Since that time customized solutions are given special emphasis of the entrepreneurial activity.
More than 50 years ago Fiessler Elektronik started to develop and produce safety light barriers.
Since then thousands of Fiessler Elektronik safety light barriers are used in the industry.
Today Fiessler Elektronik is one of the worldwide leading companies in safety light barrier technology.

Now the Fiessler Elektronik company is managed by the second generation.
A team of high qualified employees and a rather broad scale of products are the basis for innovative products in the field of safety technology and customized optical sensoric. A quality control security system according to ISO 9001 guarantees the customer a constant high quality of the products and services.

Firma Fiessler Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
Kastellstr. 9, D-73734 Esslingen, Germany
49 (711) 91 96 97,