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LMI TechnologiesLMI is a research, development, and manufacturing organization specializing in 3D measurement sensors.
During the past 30 years, more than 60000 LMI sensors have been put to work in some of the harshest working environments imaginable. With over 100 patents in machine vision, LMI is a leading developer of 3D measurement solutions. LMI has contributed major development efforts in the field of 3D sensor technology and machine vision in factory automation.

The LMI portfolio of products includes the Gocator Brand of Flexible 3D sensors which is a family of products that provide a variety of metrology and error proofing solutions for factory automation; the chroma+scan, Eyecon, Roline and Dynavision brands of Specialized 3D sensors are recognized as leading and established solutions within their respective industries; and HexSight, a machine vision library, for robust, affordable, accurate location and inspection.

Within our products is a common technology platform that brings with it years of proven performance and reliability. LMI is able to efficiently provide 3D sensor solutions that range from standard to complex by combining the right technology for the application. This has included single & multiple laser points or laser lines together with single & multiple cameras within the same sensor. Further, this common platform is capable of synchronizing multiple sensors into a cohesive and scalable scanning system that works seamlessly and communicates over the industry standard ethernet interface.

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