REOREO ELEKTRONIK AG has two production sites in Germany: Berlin and Solingen.
REOVIB products are used in the machine building industry, whenever materials handling equipment has to be controlled. Both as stand-alone components or complete systems — from sensor to electromagnet — these products provide the perfect solution for our customers’ requirements and this makes them indispensable for smooth operation in vibratory feeding applications.
REOTRON is renowned for controlling power. The product range including thyristor controllers and power supplies, based on HF-technology is used worldwide to control and regulate high-power, energy consuming loads.
REO ELEKTRONIK AG offers a full range of products for motor control applications under the name of VAREOTRON. This range extends from soft-starters to complete three-phase regulators suitable for most requirements in electrical engineering.
REO has also established a reputation in the field of communication electronics. Concepts such as REODATA and FEEDMASTER are part of a complete range of wireless information transmission systems used in our own equipment.
We have made it our goal to create special solutions for our customers in all fields; we are not a mass-producer but aim to satisfy the demands of niche markets.
REO INDUCTIVE COMPONENTS AG has four production sites in Germany: Kyritz, Pfarrkirchen, Hennigsdorf and Solingen.
REO INDUCTIVE COMPONENTS AG offers a complete product range where ever induc- tive and energy using components are required; in market sectors such as Drives, Train, Test, Medical and Renewable Energy Systems. This range is complemented by inductive components and «conventional» components under the name «Classics».
Through international co-operation the member companies of the REO organization offer and manufacture inductive parts specific to requirements of their own markets.
REO is the only supplier who can offer the complete product range in this sector, and therefore slowly but surely is gaining market leadership — from design, through production to the sales. This gives our customers a decisive advantage over their competitors: they have a single source supplier.
The focus on just one market sector would certainly improve profitability; however exposure to technological changes would be greater. Therefore, in future REO will focus on product variety, full systems and specifically customised solutions.
This is what has enabled REO to establish a worldwide name and likewise in the conventional components field REO pursues the strategy of always responding to customers’ requirements with state-of-the-art solutions.

Production REO

Automation Systems
Accessories for REOVIB control units
REOVIB phase-angle controllers for vibratory feeders
REOVIB system controls for automation
REOVIB peripheral equipment
REOVIB MFS frequency controllers for vibratory feeders
REOVIB Accelerometers
REOVIB measuring and monitoring equipment
REOVIB MTS Phase-angle controller for vibratory feeders

Power Electronics
REOTRON Three-phase thyristor power controllers
REOTRON Thyristor stacks
REOTRON Single-phase thyristor power controllers
REOTRON Single-phase thyristor power controllers
REOTRON Firing and regulating equipment
REOTRON DC power supplies

Motor Control Systems
VAREOTRON Switching and controlling equipment
VAREOTRON frequency converters
VAREOSOFT Soft-start units

Communication Systems
Control units for remote servicing

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