Scan-SenseScan-Sense AS is the first choice designer and manufacturer of Pressure Transducers and Load Cells for the Offshore Industry. Based in Norway, we also offer Pressure and Temperature Calibrators for the Marine market.
Scan-Sense AS shall seek to be the first choice of our customers, suppliers, employees and owners.
The ‘First Choice’ concept runs throughout the complete ScanSense organization.
Scan-Sense is a leading organization for the development, production and marketing of load an pressure sensors and marine calibrators in the International offshore market.
Scan-Sense’s employees and development strategy ensure competence in the field of technological research and development.
Our vision ensures the highest level of customer service and reliable, quality product, to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Production Scan-Sense

Load measurement
Years of experience as a supplier to the offshore- and industrial market has made Scan-Sense AS one of the major suppliers of Load Cells. Add high quality Norwegian made sensors to short delivery time and close relationship with the ­customer, and you will have the key to success! The load measurement sensors have built in the most modern digital electronics, and can be integrated into almost any system. The sensors are made for operation in harsh environments both on- and offshore.

Pressure measurement
Scan-Sense has over 20 years experience in delivering solutions in the fields of pressure measurement. Scan-Sense specialises in designing and manufacturing sensors to meet the requirements of demanding applications, and seeking standardization and therefore optimum cost when possible.
Thousands of pressure transmitters and transducers have been designed and manufactured, particularly for our OEM customer’s specific projects.

Calibration instruments
Quality demands used to be synonymous with the defense-, aviation-, and offshore-related ­industry. Today, approved quality products are important in all industries to satisfy international regulations as well as customers needs. Measuring of temperature and pressure are among the most ­common ­parameters in the industry and subsequently very important to achieve the ­required quality of final ­products. Our range of portable Temperature- and Pressure Calibrators, will fulfill almost every need for field calibration.

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